Love the earth? Use eco-ethical fabrics for curtains, drapes and upholstery.

Heart Ethical believes that every little environmental effort counts. It all adds up, even in a country as small as New Zealand. You just have to start somewhere. For some people that may mean choosing to compost, for others the choices run to choosing eco-friendly brands for washing up, for cleaning products and so the choices go on.

Heart Ethical is providing you with an eco and ethical option with our eco-ethical fabric range designed in New Zealand and printed in Australia. Our New Zealand designed wallpaper range is printed right here in New Zealand.

We use smart interior design practices to lessen the impact on the environment and create a healthy feeling home with natural fabrics. These fabrics are wonderful in your home for curtains, blinds and cushions. The hemp is also great for upholstery.  

Our wallpapers meet eco-standards where they use wood from sustainable forests, through to the printing process that doesn't use volatile organic compounds. 

See our page 'The Environment' for details on our products and practices.